G-Cap Long Screw Tops

Our G-Cap® long screw top is a high-quality, liquid-proof and hermetically sealed aluminum top for disposable and recyclable bottles. Its quality workmanship and attractive appearance lend a harmonious finishing touch to the wine bottle. An infinite variety of designs are available thanks to individual labeling.

Advantages and Characteristics of our G-Cap® long screw tops:

  • Premium closures made exclusively by Alcoa/CSI
  • Long standing tradition in the wine and spirits markets
  • Worldwide experience
  • Top quality raw material utilized
  • Production performed under ISO/HACCP standards
  • 14 attractive standard colours to choose from
  • Custom colours available for volumes > 48.000 pieces
  • In house custom printing for volumes ≥ 1.000 pieces
  • Material thickness (aluminium): 0.23 / ± 0.02 mm
  • Guaranteed to hold pressure up to 4 bar
  • Finished good pallets can be stored 2 high
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Full technical service available for capping equipment
  • Choice of Saranex or tin/Saran liners
  • Consistent torque values
  • Trouble free performance on high-speed production lines
  • Short delivery lead times – all 14 standard colors are in stock in Germany
  • Upright finished good storage is guaranteed